Electronics recycling day set for next Friday at AFD

Published 12:03 am Saturday, March 2, 2013

Andalusia’s third annual electronics recycling day is set for next Fri., March 8, at the Andalusia Fire Department.

Janet Wofford of the Alabama Clean Water Partnership said ecycling is important first because it keeps bulky items out of the landfill.

“From an economic standpoint, it frees up space in the landfill, saving governments costs that are eventually passed on to the consumer,” she said.

“Also, should there be a leak, these items would be very dangerous because contain lead and mercury,” she said. “They are a danger to the environment, especially if disposed of incorrectly.”

With events like this one, the Clean Water Partnerships encourages wise disposal of obsolete items.

“In our electronics today, practically everything in there, can be recycled,” she said. “The glass and plastic can be broken down and used in more electronics.

“There is gold, copper, silver, and nickel in there. All of that can be stripped and reused.”

Wofford’s organization and co-sponsors partner with Ecovery LLC of Loxley. Ecovery breaks every electronic device down, then sells the materials to be recycled.

Ecovery takes all electronics, but will not accept big screen projection TVs or white goods like refrigerators washers and dryers.

They will accept computers, cameras, copiers, wireless devices, printers, microwaves, fax machines, smoke alarms, scanners, communication cables and cords, stereo equipment, medical electronics, VCRs and DVD players, typewriters, phone systems, CD and tape players, cell phones, electronic gams, radios, camcorders, answering machines, power supplies, LCD monitors, LD TVs, CRT monitors, CRT TVs, and dry rechargeable batteries.

There is no cost to consumers unless they bring pre-flat screen televisions or computer monitors. There is a $10 charge per monitor and a $15 charge per TV. Only one television per vehicle will be accepted.

Wofford said almost 11,000 pounds of goods were dropped off in Andalusia last year, and in 2011, at least 12,000 pounds of goods were collected. The local success has led to events in Greenville, and an event will be added in Monroeville this year.

“This is a great time to clean out old equipment,” Wofford said. “We’ve had participation from banks, PowerSouth, TV Cable, The Andalusia Star-News, and lot of participation from businesses. So far, it’s been a good project.

The event is set for 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Andalusia Fire Department. Volunteers will be available to help unload vehicles.

Co-sponsors include the City of Andalusia and the AHS Key Club.