Kudos to Jones for voting for kids

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dear Gov. Bentley:

Thank you for awaking our leaders and representatives in Covington County!

When you sign the Republican bill to attack public education in Alabama, you will be driving the death nail right into the heart of the Republican Party in Alabama, and once more bringing our state to the forefront of shame and disgrace before our nation! My sympathy is with the poor (Democrats) and your sympathy is obviously with the rich (Republicans).

The late Governors Wallace realized the familial connections that Covington County has with families throughout our state, and he capitalized politically with this knowledge.

I am truly proud of our Rep. Mike Jones for voting against this infamous bill that kicks an already dying dog—dying from greedy lack of funding—public education!

I ask that you exercise your faith and wisdom before signing this bill. Otherwise, thanks for your influence in recruiting a few more dying Democrats for Alabama!


Mike Purnell

Retired Public Education Teacher, and

Former mayor of Red Level