Cross Fit program aids AMS student athletes

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 21, 2013

With hearts pumping, legs churning and muscles screaming, Andalusia Middle Schoolers run through an outside obstacle course designed for on purpose — to bring about a competitive attitude.

Seventh graders at AMS have been participating in a Cross Fit workout program since last summer under the watchful eyes of weight lifting coach Joey Caldwell and football coach Tommy Wright.

Each afternoon, some 20 boys run through a cross fit course behind their school. Obstacles on the course include running up and down a hill, weaving in and out of trees, swinging hips on a high bar, hammering a big tire and picking up and putting down a weighted ball.

To help bring about the competitive edge to the exercise, Wright said three small groups will be crowned champions throughout the year.

“We’re going to then have a grand championship at the end of the year,” he said.

Wright said the program helps the athletes’ hip flexibility.

“It’s all in the hips, no matter what sport you play,” he said.

Caldwell said the program has been advantageous for the boys inside as well.

“This has helped them out a lot in the weight room,” Caldwell said.

Starting this summer, the Cross Fit program will be available for sixth graders. Even a girls program is going to begin soon, the coaches said.

The winners of the most recent cross fit competition are Josh Campbell, Michael Taylor, Michael Landrum, Kenderic Smith and Will Black.