County compiling road list

Published 12:05 am Saturday, March 23, 2013

Commissioners will soon adopt a final list of all county-maintained dirt roads, and the mission is now on to be sure all the appropriate roads are on it.

County engineer Darren Capps said staff has compiled a by-district list of the county-maintained dirt roads.

“We started working on this list when the decision was made to go to the unit system,” Capps said Friday.

The list was complied to assist the office in its road maintenance program, he said.

According to the office, there are 130 roads on the list totaling 129 miles in District 1; in District 2, 133 totaling 121 miles; in District 3, 194 roads totaling 224.5 miles; and in District 4, 190 roads totaling 185 miles.

“To be considered a ‘county-maintained dirt road,’ it means just what it says,” Capps said. “County crews must have worked on the road for a 20-year term. It might not have been every month, but it means that during that 20 years, there has been grading, cleaning of the ditches, gravel or limestone put down, that sort of thing.”

Capps said he hopes by publicizing the list, it will ensure that no one is left off.

“This is a huge county,” he said. “A lot of work has gone into making sure every dirt road that county crews work is on it. If you don’t see your road, and know that crews have worked on it, call us.

“You have to have proof that it was maintained, which we may have in the office,” he said. “I’m sure we have some roads – what we call “will call” roads where property owners will call when there is a problem – that may not be on the list, so please check your appropriate district.”

Capps hopes to present the list for adoption at the commission’s April meeting.

District 1 Commissioner Kenneth Northey said, “In the past, we’ve had some issues on what (commissioners) were responsible for and what not, what roads were in what district and what not.

“This list, which we also call a grade list, is like a check and balance for crews,” he said. “It’s a part of a more cost-effective process and a cost-saving measure for what we do. We just want to make sure the list is right, because it’s good to get things squared away.”

District 1 roads (grouped alphabetically) include:

A: Adams Pond Road, Army Surplus Road, Atkins Road;

B: Bama Lane, Barnett Road, Bernard Grimes Drive, Bell Crossing Road, Blackwood Road, Bowden Road, Brantwood Lane, Buck Cambell Road, Bushy Branch Road and Butler Road;

C: Cain Road, Carlise Road, Carole Lane, Cauley Road, Cecil Courson Road, Chalker Road, Charolias Road, Clay Pit Road, Collie Road, Collquett Road, Corn Nut Road, Cothan Drive, Cowen Road and Cree Road;

D: Dean Road, Deer Run Road, Donaldson Road, Doug Road and Driver Road;

E: Edgar Farm Road, Emerald Lane and Estothell Road;

F: Fox Den Road;

G: Gardeners Chapel Road, Gay Lane and Gift Shop Road;

H: H.D. Wilson Road, HDC Road, Henderson Road, Holley Road, Hub Brown Road, Hubert Road. Huckleberry Hill Road, Hudson Road and Hunters Road;

J: J Bird Road, J Entry Road. Jack Kelly Road, Jones Road and Judge Lex Short Road;

K: Kyser Lane;

L: L.D. Road, Landline Road, Leonard Road, Lilac Lane, Lily Pond Road, Lonnies Road, Lord Hill Road and Lowery Road;

M: Maggie Road, Martha Dixon Road, Mayflower Road, McKenney Road, Meadows Road; Mitchell Road, Moody Road and Moore Road;

N: Norris Lane, Northey Drive, and Nursery Road;

O: Old Boggy Road, Old Church Road, Old Searight Road, Oliver Road and Oscar Pugh Road;

P: Peggy Road, Pine Oak Road, Pine Tree Cove Road, Piney Grove Road, Pipe Line Road, Possum Trot Road and Prestwood Road;

R: Rabbit Branch Drive, Ramer Farm Road, Roberts Road, Rodgers LP Road and Rosemary Drive;

S: Sasser Road, Sassy Lane, Smith Road, Soggy Bottom Road, Southwind Road, Substation Road, Sunset Road and Sweet Home Church Road;

T: Taylor Road, Tommy Northey Road, Triple B Road and TT Clark Road;

U: Union Grove Road;

V: Veasey Chapel Road;

W: W/B Farm Road, Wages Road, Weaver Place Road, Whippoorwill Road, Wyatt Farm Road and Woodall Lane.

And in the Babbie town limits:

A: Alasabrook Road and Abdrews Road;

B: Bowers Road;

C: Carlise Road and Claudie Boutwell Road;

E: Ezra Mack Road;

G: George Boles Road;

H: Homer Smith Road;

J: John Road;

M: Mills Road and Money Road;

N: Nawlin Lane and Nelson Road;

P: Parker Road and Pond Road;

S: Short Road and Sims Road.

District 2 road ways will be featured in the Tues., March 26, edition.