County releases D2 roads

Published 12:05 am Tuesday, March 26, 2013

District 2 County Commissioner Joe Barton is encouraging residents in his district to double-check a list of dirt roads that is set to be adopted on an official list of county-maintained roads.

County engineer Darren Capps said last week his staff has compiled a by-district list of the county-maintained dirt roads. Soon, he’ll ask the commission to adopt the list, and those listed will be part of the road maintenance program plan.

According to the office, in District 2 there are 133 dirt roads totaling 121 miles. If a dirt road isn’t included on the list when it is adopted, it will take a vote of the commission for the county to maintain the road in the future.

“As long as the road’s been maintained by the county, we’ll continue to maintain it,” Barton said. “Hopefully, by getting the list updated, we’ll also be sure all residents have an E911 address that is properly mapped. This will help on response time in case of an emergency.”

Barton said the roads on the list will be maintained on a regular basis by the county.

If a road is not on the list, residents should notify the engineer’s office, Barton said.

District 2 road currently on the list are listed below.

• A: A.J. Ward Rd, Adellum Dr., Al Baisden Rd., Alfred Baker Rd., Anderson Glison Rd., Antioch Rd.,

• B: B & L Cable Rd., Bar M Farm Rd., Bass Bridge Rd., Bay Branch Rd., Beaver Pond Rd., Bernard Stewart Rd., Bert Diamond Rd., Bill Bass Rd., Bill R Rd., Blake Pruitt Rd., Blount Ln., Boat Ramp@River Bridge, Bob Gantt Rd., Bozeman Trail Rd., Brantwood Ln., Buckeye Rd., Byrd Road, Brantley Pond Road,

• C; C.W.Green Rd., Cantaline Rd., Cathrine Bailey Rd., Catoe Rd., Cecil Willamson Rd., Cedar Hill Rd., Chandler Rd., Christi Smith Rd., Clint Bass Rd., Conecuh River Church Rd., Crystal Cove Rd., Catwalk Road

• D: Dinkie Rd., Donald Cope Rd., Dutch & Nell Rd.

• E: E.J Ready Rd., Eddie Cannon Rd., Elaine Rd., Ellis Griggs Rd.,

• F: Fairfield Rd., Feagin Rd., Fisherman Rays Dr., Fletcher Rd., Fowler Rd., Frank Rd., Freemay Rd., Fuqua Cooper Rd.

• G: George Mims Rd., Green Rd., Grider Mock Rd., Grimes Estates Rd., Gunter Rd., Ganus Road, Grimes Alley

• H: H & B Rd., Harrelson Loop, Harts Bridge Rd., Head Qtr Camp Rd., Head Farm Rd., Helms Rd., Henegan Rd., Hogfoot Rd., Horace Davis Rd., Houston Crossing Rd., Huckabaa Loop.

• J: J&B McDonald Rd., J.D. White Rd., J.E.McDonald Farm Rd., James Gang Ln., Jimmy Smith Rd., Joe Hughes Rd., Joe Rd., Judge Smith Rd.

• K: Kearley Rd., Kelley Farm Rd., King Rd.,

• K: Lawson Rd., Levoyde Rd., Lime Branch Rd., Linzy Rd., Lost Forty Rd.

• L: L. Smith Road

• M: Mary Williamson Rd., Meathouse Rd., Medler Rd., Messick Loop, Milrose Rd., Mobley Creek Loop, Merrill Pond Road

• N: Nalls Rd., No Name Rd

• O: O.C. Kersey Rd., Oakey Ridge Rd., Old Dragstrip Rd., Orchard Farm Rd., Otis Maughon Rd.

• P: P&J Rd., Partain Rd., Pine Forest Rd., Pinewood Rd., Pitts River Rd., Porter Harris Loop, Preacher Barefoot Rd., Prestwood Bridge Rd.

• R: Rags Rd., Ray Armstrong Rd., Ray Dye Rd., Ray King Rd., Riverside Rd., Riverview Rd., Rosin Ridge Rd., Ruth Rd.

• S: Sammy Brown Farm Rd., Sandbed Rd., Seymore Meadows Rd., Shiloh Rd., Sims Bridge Rd., Sleepy Rd., Snuffbox Rd., Sol-Mar Loop, Stant Wood Rd., Starflower Rd., Steam Plant Rd, Snuffy Road, Shady Oak Road

• T: T.V. Tower Rd., Teel Creek Rd., Tinsley Rd., TOM BIBB DR

• V: Van Walker Loop

• W.Coleman Rd., Walters Rd., Wiggins Farm Rd., Willie Moore Rd., Woodland Estates Rd., Woodyard Rd., Worley Farm Rd., Worley Rd.

• Z: Zell Ready Rd.

Editor’s note: This story was updated at 4:45 on Tues., March 26, to add roads not included on the first published list.