Elmore: Roads list important

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 27, 2013

County Commissioner Harold Elmore said it’s “awful important” for residents of District 3 to check the list of dirt roads to be maintained by the county.

County engineer Darren Capps said last week his staff has compiled a by-district list of the county-maintained dirt roads. The commission will be asked to adopt the list, and those listed will be part of the road maintenance program plan.

“It’s awful important,” Elmore said. “I’m going over the list and check it myself. I would like for everybody to look at the list.

“If you have any problems, call my cell phone at 334.726.1814, or call the county engineer at 334.428.2610,” he said.

Elmore said if a county-maintained road isn’t on adopted the list, it won’t be on the maintenance list.

“We don’t want anybody’s road to fall through the cracks,” he said. “Call me or call the engineer’s office.”

According to the engineer’s office, in District 3 there are dirt roads totaling 224.5 miles.

District 3 road currently on the list are listed below.

• A: Adams Pond Rd, Adkison Rd, Avery Balkom Rd

B: B&B LN, Babe Lawrence Rd., Barton Rd., Bass Rd., Battles Ln., Beavers Dr., Beda Rd., Belcher Rd., Betty’s Rd., Big Farm Rd., Block Ln., Blue Goose Rd., Blue Springs Church Rd., Bo Lane, Booker Rd., Boothe Rd., Boyd Rd., Bradley Dr., Braswell Rd., Brown Ln., Bulger Town Rd., Bullie Rd., Buster Aplin Rd., Buster Aplin Rd. (West), Bud Rd.

• C: Camp 11 Rd, Caraway Rd., Cason Ln., Cat House Rd., Caton Rd., Cedar Rd., Cemetery Rd., Chance Rd., Charlie Smith Rd., Clark Rd., Clary Rd., Co Rd 89 (Dirt), Conecuh River Church Rd., Cook Rd., Coon Old Store Rd., Coon Rd., Cravey Bridge Rd., Crosby Clark Rd., Crosby Loop Rd., Creech Rd.

D: Davis Circle, Davis Rd., Day Rd., Denver Dr., Douglas Rd.

• E: Ealum Rd., Eason Rd., Easy Street Rd., Ebbie Ln., Edgar Farm Rd., Edwards Rd., Eleventh Ave., Ellisor Ln., Elmore Rd., Eulon Mills Rd.,

• F: Falco Rd., Fern St., Fleming Creek Rd., Fir St., Fontnot Dr., Forest Rd., Franklin Dr.,

• G: Gaskins Rd., Geohagan Rd., George Lundy Rd., George Rd., Giels Rd., Goat Rd., Goolsby Rd., Gopher Ridge Rd., Grider Rd., Gum St.

• H: H &B Ln. Harbushay Ln., Harrell Rd., Hart Hill Dr., Hart’s Bridge Rd., Henderson Bridge Rd., Herman Suggs Rd., Hicks Rd., Highfill Ln., Hollie Ln., Holman Ln., Holtz Rd., HoneySuckle Rd., Hood Dr., Hopewell Church Rd., Horn Hill Rd., Hoven Pit Rd.

• I: Iris Rd.

• J: Jay Rd., Jeffers Rd., Joel Ln., John J Kelly Rd., Johnson’s Quarter Rd., Juniper St.

• K: K.C. Rd., Kelly Rd., Kendricks Ave., Kimmie Ln.,

• L: Laird Rd., Lake Lamar Rd., Lassiter Rd., Lime Branch, Lockhart Church Rd., Longhorn Dr., Longview Ave., Log Tuck Rd., Lowery Rd.

• M: M & K Lane, McAdams Rd., McDuffie Ave., McLelland Rd., Merrill Rd., Moores Mill Creek Rd., Mountain City Rd.

N: Natural Bridge Rd., Nature Rd., New Hope Rd.,

Norris Rd.

• O: Obie Ln., One Bridge Rd.

P: Parrish Rd., Pebble Rd., Pete McGee Rd., Peters Rd., Peterson Ln., Pine Hill Rd., Pound Dr., Pouncey Dr., Prescott Rd.

• R: RJ Lane, R&K Ln., Raines Rd., Randell Rd., Red Oak St., RichBurg Rd., Ridgeview Rd., Rockhill Rd., Rocking M Ranch Ln., Rodgers Rd., Rodney J Evans Dr., Rome Rd., Ruby Lee Lane

• S: Sanders Rd., Sara Goolsbey Rd., Savage Rd.,

Scofeild Rd., Seay Rd., Sewage Plant Rd., Shady Ln., Shiloh Cemetery Rd., Sightler Rd., South Ave., South Seventy Ln., Stateline Rd., Steadman Rd., Steele Rd., Stokes Ln., Svea Rd.

• T: Talbert Rd., Teresa Adams Rd., Thirteenth Ave.,

Thorn Rd., Tim Powell Rd., Tommy Northey Rd., Truman Rd., Tubberville Rd., Tung Oil Rd., Turner Rd., Tweed Bell Rd.

• U: Union Rd.

• V: Valley Dr., Van Rd.

• W: Walker Rd., Wamblesville Rd., Wayne Eason Rd., Worrells Ln., Woody Carroll Ln.

• Y: Yellow River Ranch Rd.,