800+ bad check writers named

Published 12:03 am Saturday, March 30, 2013

The list is out as the Covington County District Attorney’s office is making good on a month-long promise to identify those wanted on bad check writers.

Compiled in a special section that is inserted in today’s paper, the publication identifies more than 800 people with outstanding warrants for negotiating a worthless instrument, which is also known as “bad check” warrants. DA Walt Merrell announced earlier this month that the publication would go out and urged people “to take care of things.”

Angie Cotton of the DA’s bad check unit said those with warrants are listed with their last known address.

“Some of these people have had a warrant since the early 1990s and have managed to not be arrested since then,” Cotton said.

Cotton said she couldn’t begin to estimate the total amount owed by those on the list.

“It’s an astronomical amount I can tell you,” she said. “Some of these people have 14 or 15 warrants each, while some only have one or two. At $700 a check, you do the math.”

Cotton said she does anticipate that some will turn themselves now that the information is out; however, the office is asking the public to respond if they recognize anyone on the list.

“If you see your name, call us at 334-222-2513 and we’ll talk about where you stand, where you are in the process and see what we can work out,” she said. “If you recognize a name and have information, please call, too. We will need a current address so that we can match up their information.”