Florala searching for utilities super

Published 12:03 am Friday, April 12, 2013

The search is now on for a new Florala Utilities Board superintendent, as well as a fifth board member.

The board, which provides water, sewer and gas service to Florala and parts of the Florida Panhandle, has been without a super since the 2012 arrest of its former superintendent, Michael Holley, for possession of child pornography. Holley has since pleaded guilty, but the board’s field employees have been without supervision.

As for the board position, it became vacant last month after former chairman Marvin Williford resigned.

On Thursday, board members said it was imperative to fill both positions as quickly as possible.

“To me, the sooner the better,” board member and Florala Mayor Robert Williamson said. “It’s important to go ahead and spell out the parameters and qualifications of the superintendent…and find a new board member.”

After some discussion to “take a month out of the process,” the board decided to allow the council to name the next board member from the following four candidates – Ronnie Robbins, Charles Russell, Victor Anderson and Hazel Lee.

“I really hope we can find someone familiar with utilities,” board member James Stone said.

As for the next superintendent, board members voted to advertise in the three local newspapers, as well as in trade publications and on the state’s job website.

Board members agreed applicants must have the appropriate state and federal certifications for water, sewer and gas, or have the ability to obtain those within one year of employment.

Salary will be based on education and experience level, the board agreed.

“We’ve been without someone in charge of employees for way too long, and we need to get moving on this,” Williamson said.

Deadline to apply is May 3.