2013 Honor Flight full

Published 12:03 am Saturday, April 27, 2013

The flight is full for next month’s Covington Region Honor Flight, officials said Friday.

For the first time since 2011, the program will host a flight for World War II, Korea and Vietnam veterans.

This year’s flight will include 31 veterans and 24 guardians, including CRHF staff, which is up from the last flight.

Only 39 veterans and guardians attended the October 2011 flight.

The program takes veterans, free of charge, to Washington, D.C., for the day, where they will visit sites such as the World War II memorial, Arlington National Cemetery and the Korean and Vietnam memorials.

The flight will be Sun., May 19.

“We are grateful that we can give the opportunity to our veterans to see their memorials in Washington, D.C. again this year,” said CRHF board member Emilee Gage.

Fundraising is still under way.

All tax-deductible donations can be made to: Covington Region Honor Flight; c/o Covington County Commission; P.O. Box 188; Andalusia, Alabama 36320.