It’s purple fuzzy sock weather

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What is up with this weather? As I sit writing these words, my heater is running. It is the first week in May and I’m wearing my purple fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm.

Now, I am not a fan of the heat and humidity that can sometimes arrive this time of year, but winter temperatures in May kind of throws my system for a loop. Oh, and not to mention the wardrobe problems this creates. Last week, I put up my sweaters and pulled out the shorts, only to reverse the process over the weekend.

My father-in-law told me he turned off the pilot light on his heater twice thinking our cool snaps were over for the year. Yesterday, he said he refuses to relight it again, but I’m thinking he might be rethinking that decision this morning.

Even the plants are confused. The grass started growing and then stopped, no doubt wondering what the heck happened to spring. Of course, my husband rather likes this since grass-cutting season is not his favorite. (He did say the cold has no effect on the growth of weeds and they must be cut).

On Monday we planned to practice a little yoga outside on the deck, but the overcast skies, the wind whipping through the trees and our shivering bodies convinced us that it might not be the best plan. So we rearranged the living room furniture and moved our mats inside.

“Who would think it would be too cold in May to be out on the deck?” I said to my friend. “This is crazy weather.”

She agreed, but reminded me that it probably won’t be long before it will be so hot and humid that we will long for cool mornings. And, she speculated that this cold spring might foretell a blistering summer to come.

I don’t about that, but I do know this weird weather is teaching me something interesting about myself. I’m realizing just how much I am a creature of habit — even when it comes to what I expect and desire the weather to be like, and how I feel a bit anxious or frustrated when things aren’t as I think they should be.

Isn’t that funny? I mean I don’t particularly care for hot weather. In fact, I rather like the cooler days, but I am uncomfortable with a day I should enjoy because I expect warm weather in May.

Now that is what my nutty mind does. Locks itself into a certain idea and tells me something is awry when “what is” doesn’t match that idea. Yep, if I’m not careful, I get so focused on wanting the day to be warm and sunny like my head tells me it is supposed to be that I get a good case of the grumps.

Oh well, I hear that by the end of the week, temperatures will return to “seasonable,” (whatever that means this year). So, the short pants come out again, and the grass happily resumes its growing.

My habitual mind will tell me everything is as it should be once more. But maybe, just maybe, if Mother Nature sends us another surprise cool snap before summer finally arrives, I’ll remember what I learned about myself this week and let myself enjoy the day no matter what my mind says.

So, as a reminder of that lesson, I’m putting my purple fuzzy socks in the drawer with those short pants.