Daughter shares thoughts about mom

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I am the proud daughter of Patricia Wenum, former principal of East Three Notch Elementary School. I am writing this letter to the editor to express my thoughts about my mother, not only as the previous principal of the school but as a daughter who loves her dearly.

Over the years since she left her position as principal at East Three Notch school, she has shared her thoughts and feelings about this very important time in her life. I can tell you that no one has ever been as devoted and passionate about the students, faculty, and employees of East Three Notch as she was during the time she was principal. She loved this school with all her heart, and the circumstances under which she left her position were devastating to her.

My mother raised me to be honest, accept responsibility for my choices, give 150 percent to everything I do, and to always do what is right. She always lived by these rules herself, which many times caused her much suffering.

Certainly, the saying “the most difficult choices are not always between what is right and wrong, but between what is right and what is easy” applies to this incident. The day she left East Three Notch was “the one of the saddest days of my life” she told me once. She still grieves even after all these years about the incidents surrounding her departure from her position. I still see the pain in her eyes when she speaks of it.

To those who were a part of the dishonesty and slander behind this incident, I hope that karma is a reality. To those who supported my mother, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is a shame that East Three Notch lost such a wonderful person and principal. I am so proud of my mother for her strength, grace under attack, and for always living up to the lessons she made sure she passed along to her three daughters.

Deborah May,

daughter of Patrician Wenum