Hooray for scholarships!

Published 11:52 pm Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Opp HIgh School Class of 2013 tosses their hats after graduation.

The Opp HIgh School Class of 2013 tosses their hats after graduation.

Students score nearly $3M in scholarships

Covington County’s graduating seniors will share in nearly $3 million in scholarship funds, school counselors said this week.

Last night, graduation ceremonies were held in each of the county schools and Opp High School, and Andalusia High School will follow suit tonight at 7 p.m.

For the last four years, students have worked hard athletically and academically to earn funds to further their education.

At Andalusia High School, scholarships totaled more than $577,000, said guidance counselor Donna Cauley.

“Our students did very well this year,” Cauley said. “We are very proud of their accomplishments.”

LBW Community College distributed the most scholarships to students, while the University of Alabama and Auburn University were tied with 11 each.

Nearly $880,000 was offered in scholarship money to Straughn High School students.

The bulk of SHS seniors earning scholarships will be attending LBWCC, followed by Troy University and Auburn. No SHS student received a scholarship to Alabama.

In Opp, seniors were offered more than $1 million in scholarships, said guidance counselor Ronnie Sansom. A number of local organizations and businesses such as HT Hackney and Southern Independent Bank and the Rattlesnake Rodeo 5K, donated funds.

“We also had a lot of students who were awarded scholarships but turned them down,” Sansom said.

Of those awarded scholarships, the majority will be attending Troy, followed by LBWCC. UA and Auburn are tied with one scholarship each. Five students were awarded tens of thousands of dollars through the military’s GI bill, Sansom said.

Red Level seniors will share in approximately $110,000 in scholarship money, counselor Jerome Parker said. Of those students, the majority received money from Reid State Technical College followed by LBWCC. Troy University and Wallace Community College offered money to one student each, but no RLHS students earned a scholarship from Alabama or Auburn.

In Florala, students were awarded nearly $180,000 in scholarships from schools across the state, said counselor Joea McNeil. Two students will attend LBWCC on scholarship, followed by one each at the University of South Alabama, Alabama, Birmingham Southern and Enterprise State Community College.

Attempts to garner totals from Pleasant Home School were unsuccessful.

At Andalusia High School, scholarships totaled more than $577,000, said guidance counselor Donna Cauley, and to the following students:

• Sarah Emily Barefoot: LBWCC

• Jasmine Botta: LBWCC Ensemble and the Andalusia Junior Women’s Club

• Jennifer Botta: LBWCC Ensemble and Covington Electric Cooperative

• Anna Beth Bowden: Southern Methodist University, SMU Second Century/Lyle Engineering/SMU Leadership

• Morgan Capps: LBWCC Foundation scholarship;

• Candace Cravey: University of Alabama Presidential scholarship and Coca-Cola scholarship;

• Connor Dayton: Auburn University Freshman Presidential scholarship

• Hunter Dendy: University Of Alabama, Mary D. Bauer scholarship and Class of 2009 memorial scholarship;

• Morgan Dove: University Of Alabama, Distinguished Young Miss scholarship and Colonial Dames;

• Kenna Edmondson: LBWCC, Walkers’ LBWCC tuition

• Raegan Eiland: University Of Alabama, UA Collegiate, Distinguished Young Miss, Class of 1948 scholarship, and a UA Alumni scholarship

• Alex Evans: Auburn University, an AU Alumni scholarship

• Tucker Foshee, Enterprise State Community College, tuition renewable

• Asia Gantt: Alabama State University, an Alpha Beta scholarship

• Laura Gatlin: LBWCC (Honors Program) and an American Legion scholarship

• Katie Hollinghead, University Of Alabama Alumni scholarship

• Courey Hopkins, Auburn University Freshman scholarship, a First Baptist Church scholarship, a College Counts scholarship and an AU Board of Trustees scholarship

• Pierre Johnson: scholarships from the Alabama Democratic Conference, the Oleander Club, the Distinguished Young Miss program, Zeta Phi Beta and Bethel AME Church

• Morgan Jones: a Troy University, Fred Taylor Memorial 1/2 Tuition Renewable and colorguard scholarship

• Meredith Grace Kerr: Birmingham Southern College achievement scholarship, a Distinguished Young Miss scholarship and Methodist Church scholarship

• Terrence Lane: LBWCC ambassador scholarship

• Maggie Lambert: an Auburn University Board of Trustees

• Sung Mo: Auburn University Spirit of Auburn scholarship, an AU Board of Trustees scholarship and the Robin Parks Parham Memorial scholarship

• Will Parker: National Merit finalist scholarship

• Tyler Peacock: LBWCC drama

• Savannah Ricks: LBWCC Ensemble

• Ingrid Ridgeway: University Of Alabama Birmingham “No Essay” scholarship

• Christopher Riley: LBWCC Foundation

• Christopher Smith: Avila University tuition renewable

• John David Thompson: University Of Alabama piano scholarship, a Collegiate scholarship, a UA Gordon Griffin Sikes Alumni scholarship

• Courtney Tisdale: North West Florida State College tuition renewable scholarship

• Ty Wallace: Lincoln College of Technology

• Alex Ward: LBWCC Ambassador

• Zach Ward: LBWCC Baseball

• Mason Wishum: Auburn University’s Presidential scholarship and a Spirit of Auburn scholarship

• Catherine Wofford: LBWCC Art


At Opp High School, scholarships totaled more than $1 million, said guidance counselor Ronnie Sansom, and were awarded to the following students:

• Arianna Siler : HT Hackney, Southern Independent Bank, Charles E. Richburg and UAB

• Ethan Stanley: Lucille Paulk Youmans Memorial

• Megan Jones: Allen & Marlene Miller, OHS Class of 1990, Rotary and Heritage

• Tori Puckett: Allen & Marlene Miller

• Avery Colquett: OHS Alumni

• Michael Catrett: OHS Alumni

• Ali Taylor: HD Edgar Trucking, the OHS Class of the 80s, Rattlesnake 5K Race

• Bailey James: MFG, Operation Pennies for Excellence

• Russell Moseley: Galileo Co.

• Mason Sims: Cadence Bank, Operation Pennies for Excellence, Rotary and an ESCC Presidential

• Holt Lashley: Opp Micolas Credit Union and ESCC Technical

• Mallory Bush: Operation Pennies for Excellence, LBWCC Foundation, ESCC Academic

• Savannah Gerber: Operation Pennies for Excellence, Excellence in Leadership Troy, Hugh G. Rose, Heritage Troy and Cheerleading Troy

• Hannah Hughes: Operation Pennies for Excellence, Three Arts Scholarship

• Kyle Marshall: Operation Pennies for Excellence and Chancellors Scholarship Troy

• Daulton Messer: Operation Pennies for Excellence, Bobcat Boosters/Randy Griffin

• Sierra Mount: Operation Pennies for Excellence

• Jaci Parker: Operation Pennies for Excellence, Heritage Troy, Hugh G. Rose and Troy cheerleading

• Ethan Stanley: Operation Pennies for Excellence

• Katlyn Whitten: Operation Pennies for Excellence

• Hannah Williams: Operation Pennies for Excellence and Auburn Club

• Morgan Edgar: CCB Community Bank, LBWCC Foundation

• Hannah Hughes: Rattlesnake 5K Race, Chancellors Scholarship Troy and Girls State Troy

• Ethan Beesley: Jacob Harper Memorial

• Tyesha Rogers: Murray Tisdale

• Clay Elmore: American Legion and MacArthur State Technical College Foundation

• Chelsea Lagraff: American Legion

• Karly Mathews: American Legion

• Dylan Northey: Ida Scofield/Ray Weeks and Excellence in Leadership Troy

• Michael Catrett: Ida Scofield/Ray Weeks

• Cory Anderson: LBW Ambassador

• Tori Puckett: LBWCC Foundation

• Russell Moseley: MacArthur State Technical College Foundation

• Cayla Hughes: Covington Cowgirls Drill Team

• Hayden Parker: ESCC Tech.

• Sam Thomas Grissett: Food Services

• Michael Catrett: Delta Sigma Theta and ELETE

• Gabby Crayton: ELETE

• Jamie Etheridge: Chancellors Scholarship Troy

• Ethan Stanley: Excellence in Leadership Troy

• Daulto Messer: University of South Alabama

• Ali Taylor: University of Alabama

• Scotty Parrish: US Army

• Kevin Williams: US Army

• Daniel Blair: US Army

• Jimmy Andrews: US Air Force

• Robert Colvin: US Marine Corps

• Jabe Thompson: Bryant Jordan


Red Level scholarships totalled $110,00, counselor Jerome Parker said.

• Rebecca Galinski: Alabama Southern Community College

• Hannah Johnson: Coterie Club, Civitan Club, Advanced Auto Parts, Fairmount Mason Lodge No. 238, Andalusia Chamber of Commerce and LBWCC-Ensemble

• Ana Kondrat’Yev: LBWCC-Michael Lassister Scholarship and CEC

• Erica Bush: Reid State Technical College

• Arizona Hall: Reid State Technical College

• Taylor Watson: Reid State Technical College and the Ogelsby Family Scholarship

• Melanie Kondrat’yev: Troy University-Leadership, Lowe’s Scholarship and Red Level American Legion

• Ansley Shipp: University of West Alabama

• Matthew Nolen: Wallace Community College

• Kajerek Lawrence: Alabama Democratic Convention and Oleander Club

• Cody Lawrence: Andalusia American Legion Post No. 80

• Chris Ratliff: Governor’s Committee on Employment

• Justin Maddox: Governor’s Committee on Employment

• Jamie Keith: Rene Beam Beautification Club

• Miranda Cobb: Seales’ Family Scholarship

• Amanda Cobb: Seales’ Family Scholarship


Nearly $880,000 was offered in scholarship money to Straughn High School students. Counselor Linda Varner said the following students earned scholarships:

• Nelson Alan: Troy University and the Edra Worley Gantt Ed. Scholarship

• Charles Blackburn: Troy University

• Caleb Couch: Troy University

• Connor Cough: Troy University

• Hobie Hughes: Troy University

• Emily Fowler: Troy University

• Cody Crowell: Troy University

• Kurtis Grimes: LBWCC, performing arts

• Kirstin Craig: LBWCC, ambassador

• Crystal Bonds: LBWCC, ambassador

• Victoria Veasey: LBWCC drama, Alpha Delta Kappa and Gantt American Legion

• Courtney Fussell: LBWCC drama and the DAR Good Citizenship Award

• Brady Walker: LBWCC drama

• Laken Harris: LBWCC athletic (softball)

• Zach Cunningham: LBWCC Foundation

• Hope Edson: LBWCC Foundation

• Rachel Edson: LBWCC Foundation

• Liliana Goodson: LBWCC Foundation

• Payton Mitchell: MacArthur Foundation Scholarship

• Rhett Cook: MacArthur Foundation Scholarship

• Jasper Bowden: Auburn University and an Auburn Club scholarship

• Catherine Tran: Auburn University

• Dallas Ham: Auburn University

• Jordan McDaniel: National Security Group Scholarship

• Kurtis Grimes: American Legion

• Evan Frye: Liela Lee Scholarship and the Covington Electric Cooperative scholarship

• Austin Elmore: Covington Electric Cooperative


In Florala, the following students were awarded nearly $180,000 in scholarships:

• Austin McNeill: University of South Alabama

• Kendyl McDaniel: University of Alabama

• Matthew Gibbs: Birmingham Southern

• Jessie Adams: Enterprise State Community College

• John Bess: Lurleen B. Wallace Community College (baseball)