Mayor: Heath sales tax for upgrades

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 30, 2013

Heath Mayor Judy Baker said revenue raised from the 2 percent increase in sales tax will go to fund salaries, improve city hall and possibly put a police officer on the streets.

“It’s going into the general fund,” she said. “That’s what we use to operate the general fund, and things that we need and upgrades to city hall.”

Baker said the sales tax has been discussed for many years.

“The previous administration had discussed it but they could never get it passed,” she said. “I went into office in November and we started discussing it in December, and we finally passed it in March. We need the revenue to operate on and have the money to pay the clerk, mayor and the council. We are doing this mainly to get some revenue.”

Another service Baker said she and the council hope to use the money for is a police officer.

“We hope to get a police officer in the next few years,” she said. “We have too many people speeding up and down these streets.”

Baker said she wasn’t sure how much revenue the town is anticipating.

Businesses in Heath include American Auction House, Andalusia Garden Center, Cenergy Oil and Gas, and Clark Trailer.

The town’s first collection should be received on or before Aug. 20, as the sales tax will be imposed in July.

Additionally, the town will now require service providers and utility companies to pay privilege taxes. Excise taxes will not be levied on things such as gasoline purchases and business license fees will be charged.

Those interested in attending Heath Town Council meetings may do so on the second Tuesday of every month at 5:30 p.m., at Town Hall.