OCAC roof falling in; Group asks for $40K

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 30, 2013

The roof is caving in on the Opp Cultural Arts Council – literally, and members asked the Opp City Council for $40,000 in help at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Tammy Adams, OCAC president, said the roofs on the buildings located at 105 and 107 N. Main Street are caving in.

Adams asked the city to help them refinance the project and add $40,000 to the loan to help pay for new roofing and an air conditioning unit for the 107 location.

In 2010, the Opp City Council helped the OCAC acquire the buildings. The city purchased the buildings for $62,500, and financed the buildings through Southern Independent Bank, but the OCAC is responsible for paying the mortgage.

OCAC members said they currently pay around $497 a month for the mortgage and would add approximately $200 a month to the payment.

Members said they would have no problems paying the additional amount.

The OCAC currently has $17,000 in the bank, a number members said has held steady.

Members said they currently have about $12,000 a year in expenses with the mortgage and the utilities.

The city council voted to help the OCAC secure the additional funds.