Tell me your summer stories

Published 12:01 am Thursday, May 30, 2013

When I left Lagoon Park late on May 18, I had the same feeling that comes over me every year.

A feeling of relief.

Relief you ask?

Every time I finish a season, no matter what time of year, I have that same feeling mixed with a sense of accomplishment.

It’s a feeling that makes me smile, knowing that I put everything I had into covering your son, daughter or grandchild’s sport.

Summer is here and it always brings a challenge for me as a sports editor.

Often people ask whether I like that it’s going to slow down a bit when it comes to sports action.

The word “slow” scares me because I like to stay busy.

We have a room in the newspaper office where we keep all of our archived editions from years past.

I’ll go in there every once in a while looking at what I did the previous year. Sometimes I like what I see, and sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes I ask myself, maybe I can do better on an event that was written about and I’ll make notes to myself.

Soon, All-Star district and state baseball tournaments will start up, along with a few other things.

I’ll be, of course, busy with those as much as I can, but if you have anything going on sports wise that I haven’t covered yet, please feel free to email me at

Let me know about the sporting event and I would love to write about it.