Vet joins local practice

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Looking to draw in “young blood and new ideas,” Jones Veterinary Clinic has welcomed Dr. Kaleb Dyess to the practice.

Dyess, an Elba native, knew early in medical school that he wanted to work with the Andalusia Animal Hospital and with Dr. Troy Jones and Dr. Lewis Jones. The practice, which is located on U.S. Hwy. 84, is a full-service one that takes emergency cases, as well that treats small animals’ medical, surgical and dental issues.


Dyess, a Troy University and Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine graduate, said it was during his second year of medical school that he reached out to Dr. Troy Jones. No stranger to medicine, Dyess said he knew at an early age that he wanted to treat animals.

“My dad is a medical doctor, and he always told me to do something that I enjoyed,” Dyess said. “With being a vet, I have a unique opportunity to interact with people like a human doctor, and I get to treat animals at the same time.

“My family owns Dyess Music Co. in Opp, so I’d been over there visiting when I heard about Dr. Jones,” he said. “I was in my second year of medical school, and I called him up and said, ‘I’d like to come work the summer to learn, and that was it.’ ”

And that was it for both the Drs. Joneses and for Dyess, as well. Dr. Troy said Monday that the demand at the practice necessitated the hire.

“It’s always busy here,” he said. “As (Dr. Lewis) starts to retire, I had to have full-time help, so it worked out great for us. I wanted to add new blood and ideas in the practice. (Dyess) is full of new knowledge and new training, and it’s going to keep us going.”

Dyess said most residents wouldn’t guess that the hospital is a busy place.

“While at Auburn, I would see one patient all day long,” he said. “But, here, it’s nothing to see 40 patients in one day.”

He said he prefers small animals over large ones – and animals over humans.

“I like the mystery,” he said. “A human can tell you what’s wrong, but with animals, it’s like being a pediatrician, you just have to figure it out. You have to work hard to find the cause, and I like that.”

Dyess and his wife, Stephanie, moved to the Straughn Community on Saturday and will welcome their first child in November.