ARH needs volunteer support

Published 12:24 am Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Andalusia Regional Hospital recently issued a “call” for people willing to volunteer in the hospital four hours per week.

Patty Ashworth, community relations director of ARH, said the hospital once had a very vibrant group of volunteers, but their numbers have faded.

“We are looking for people who can staff an information desk in the front lobby and help get people where they need to go,” she said. “We also need people to work in the surgical waiting room who can help families with coffee or take messages for them.”

As many as 20 new volunteers are needed. The hospital provides the volunteer “uniform” and other perks.

Although health care laws require background checks for volunteers, the hospital covers the costs of those checks.

We encourage our very generous readers to consider giving of themselves to this worthy cause. To apply, contact Kaci Perry at 222-6951 or