Thanks to those who give blood

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 14 has been set aside as World Blood Donor Day. While it seems there is a “day” for everything, this day is special. On this day we want to thank those individuals who make the very personal decision to donate blood. It is an unselfish act. And it happens worldwide.

In this day of global economies, global news, global travel and global healthcare it is appropriate to recognize that we all have the same basic needs and we all depend on one another. Everywhere in the world there is a young mother who will need a red cell transfusion because of complications during childbirth. There is a child undergoing a bone marrow transplant who will need platelet transfusions to help him survive the strenuous treatment to overcome cancer. There is a farm accident victim that requires plasma transfusions to survive one of the most difficult events of his life. These lifesaving things happen every day and they happen everywhere.

Returning to what I see every day locally I want to thank all the blood donors who help LifeSouth fulfill our mission. Here and throughout Florida, Georgia, and Alabama our blood donors help save lives because blood is there when it is needed. Although donating blood is an international phenomena, happening thousands of times a day, it is still a personal, individual decision made one at a time. It shows that people care. It shows them at their best. Again, thank you.


Nancy Eckert

LifeSouth Community Blood Centers