City should share tax with county

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 29, 2013

Recently, the city of Andalusia voted to increase sales tax starting July 1. Part of this tax money is to go to the city school system. According to the Andalusia Star-News, this is not an educational tax and it is at the discretion of the mayor and city council to decide where this money goes. Maybe the school system will get their share, but no guarantee. If some of this tax money does go to education, then shouldn’t the county system get part of it since the majority of the taxpayers live in the county? Approximately 2.5 times as many people live in the county as in the city of Andalusia (22 to 24 thousand to 9 to 10 thousand). Also, the county system shared and continues to share the 16th Section Revenue money with the city, even though the city has no 16th Section land. A meeting was held with Mayor Johnson to try to resolve the issue but to no avail. I understand his side, he’s going to get his money – the council passed the tax. I also understand as he allegedly put it, he’s the mayor of the city, not the county. But Mr. Mayor, we’re all in this together. The children of the county deserve the same opportunities as the children of the city of Andalusia. We don’t need to be driving wedges, economically or politically; we need to be pulling together. With everyone pulling in the same direction, a lot can be accomplished. This can be done in a way where everyone benefits. If not, county citizens, as of July 1, think about where your tax dollars are going.

Jimmy Rodgers

Red Level


Clarification: The City of Andalusia passed a penny-and-half sales tax increase effective July 1. One penny goes to city projects; half a penny goes to city schools. The city council will have input on the use of that education money.