Sold on theater’s customer service

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sunday night found my family in Andalusia at Clark Cinema to take in a movie. Since it was our first time visiting the theatre, we were unsure what to expect. But, after locking my car and realizing my keys were in the front seat, I got more than I bargained for at the front counter of the theatre. When we asked the young staff members if we could contact the local police for assistance, we were told the officers would not be able to help us, but they knew someone who could. After fetching an older theatre staff member to the front, we were immediately put at ease. The gentleman told us to go on in and watch the movie and he’d see what he could do. As we sat in the darkened theatre, I could only wonder if anything was going on that would have me headed home after the show. As we exited the theater, the wonderful, kind, king of a man who assured us he’d help, was standing by the door holding my keys in his hand! Typically, we travel 40 or so minutes in the opposite direction to take in a movie when the mood strikes, but I can assure you the kind folks at Andalusia’s Clark Cinemas will be getting our movie dollars from now on!

Thank for the kindness and for the warm welcome to your city and business.

Lisa Tindell