Landry: Alabama gator rules better?

Published 11:53 pm Monday, July 1, 2013

The laws that govern alligator hunting in Alabama may be better than those in Louisiana, one of the stars of “Swamp People” told a crowd her Saturday afternoon.

“The question was that you can’t bait hooks to catch the gators like we do in Louisiana,” Troy Landry said. “That may be better.

“You find the one you want and go get ‘em. Us, we got to set lines and we have to harvest every one we catch,” he said. “The most I ever caught is 82 in one day. I was so tired.”


Landry and his son, Jacob, entertained the masses Saturday afternoon a the Covington Sportsman’s Expo. Earlier, he had explained that he and his family harvest alligators to sell the meat, the hides, and skulls. It is the pursuit of those gators that often makes for entertaining footage on “Swamp People,” the History Channel series. But there’s lots that happens that doesn’t make the cut, Troy Landry said.

“Last year, right before the season, we had a storm come through,” he said. “We had everybody working. Even the kids had chainsaws.

“They didn’t want to show that because it might be dangerous to show kids with chainsaws,” he said, shaking his head. “It’s their show. They pay the bills.”

Asked how he best likes alligator prepared, the elder Landry said, “Well, you can serve it with sauce picant,” he said. “You get it deep fried, too. “

No matter what, he said, make sure the fat is cut away.

“When you cook it, dat’s the worse-smelling stuff,” he advised.

Landry said he and his boys love to hunt and also hunt deer. They were saluted for a Wounded Warrior hunt they did near Selma, earlier this year.

Lance Gieselmann of Hartford was among those who joined in that hunt. He was in the audience to see the Landry family again Saturday.

“They are the type of people you want to be around,” Gieselmann said. “They are the same in person as they are on the show.”