Man ‘made it rain,’ is jailed

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 6, 2013

An Andalusia man “made it rain” at a local apartment complex after he allegedly robbed a friend of $600 in cash.

Sgt. Roger Cender with the Andalusia Police Department said the incident occurred just after midnight Thursday morning between 20-year-old Vincent Flowers and an unidentified male at the West Haven apartments.



“(Flowers) goes to the apartment where his girlfriend lives, and she’s waiting in the car,” Cender said. “A male, visiting his grandmother at the complex, goes down to the girlfriend’s apartment. He shows Flowers his wallet, boasting about getting a new job and doing well.

“Flowers head-butts him in the face, takes the wallet and flees,” Cender said. “At the same time, the girlfriend, who doesn’t know what the fight is about, jumps out to check on Flowers. The two run, jump back into the car and flee.”

Cender said the victim pursued the couple until police joined in the chase. Flowers was stopped at River Falls and Stewart streets and taken into custody.

“Unfortunately, we were only able to recover about $30,” Cender said. “When we searched the path up the street when Flowers fled, we found a credit card and a $1 bill. We’re guessing that others in the complex picked up the money or that Flowers hid it really well in the car and we couldn’t find it.”

Flowers was charged with theft of property II and robbery III, booked into the county jail and held on a $20,000 bond.