Opp to contract garbage, maybe cable, too

Published 12:59 am Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Opp City Council took the first step this week to “stop competing with other businesses” when it comes to services such as garbage collections and cable.

Mayor John Bartholomew said Friday the city is currently seeking bids for garbage service, but discussions have not begun on the possibility of outsourcing the city-owned cable service.

“It’s my feeling that the city should never compete with other companies,” Bartholomew said. “I feel like we should give that option to companies who provide those services. So, with that, we’re looking at the possibility of a company picking up our garbage service.”

Bartholomew said the city currently provides garbage service to approximately 2,500 customers at a rate of $12 per month. Each garbage can costs $50, and a new truck – which the city needs –$200,000.

The city owns two garbage trucks – one which runs a fulltime route and another that serves as a backup – and pays a driver and a mechanic.

“When you look at those numbers, a city our size doesn’t need to be in the garbage business,” he said. “We’re looking almost $100,000 a year because we’re constantly having to put money away for capital expenditures.”

Bartholomew said advertising for service proposals is “the first step is stopping the flow of city funds. We want to put that money back into the city general fund so that we can pay for projects like a new city pool and programs for our children.”