No final round ATRIP money for county

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 25, 2013

Covington County was not among the 45 counties receiving $372 million in the final round of ATRIP funding announced yesterday.

The Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (ATRIP) is the largest road and bridge improvement program in Alabama’s history.

In the third round, Andalusia was seeking funding to improve Prestwood Bridge Road, while Opp wanted to improve Jeffcoat Avenue and Wilson Street, including new curbing, paving, and sidewalks from Main Street to Spurlin. The county was seeking additional funding, as well.

In the second round of ATRIP funding, announced in February, nine Covington County projects totaling $17 million – $13.6 million of which will be provided by the state – earned approval.

Those funds for Covington County include $8.6 million for improving South Three Notch in Andalusia, and paving of West Cummings Avenue in Opp, and:

• $123,672 to resurface County Road 45 from Andalusia city limits;

• $1.8 million to resurface County Road 42 from Andalusia to Brooklyn;

• $285,000 for a new bridge on County Road 25 over Eden Creek;

• $344,000 to resurface County Road 73;

• $575,000 to resurface County Road 42 from U.S. Hwy. 84 to County Road 77;

• $419,000 to resurface County Road 42 from Country Road 77 to Opp city limits.

In the first round, announced a year ago, included $166,520 to resurface County Road 70 from County Road 49 to County Road 77. In addition, the county received funding for two new bridges – one on Bay Branch Road over Bay Branch and another on County Road 89 over Corner Creek.