Get the app – it could save a life

Published 12:40 am Saturday, July 27, 2013

Earlier this week, the Andalusia Police Department announced it has partnered with LiveSafe to work more directly with the public in the reporting of emergencies and in receiving anonymous crime tips.

The app – or application for those who don’t do smartphone technology – was designed by Kristina Anderson, a sophomore at Virginia Tech who was shot three times on April 16, 2007, when in less than 12 minutes, the gunman shot and killed 11 of her classmates and one of her professors.

Anderson believes if smartphone capability had been then what it is now, she would likely have seen an email or text alerting her that something was happening on campus.

Anderson’s app enables citizens to safely share tips, receive important emergency notification from law enforcement and gives them the ability to anonymously report crime tips directly to the police.

The app works via the Internet, meaning it can be used on smartphones and tablets alike.

Users can also anonymously record crime-scene audio, video and images tagged with GPS information for investigators and officials.

Once a user submits a tip, such as an accident, robbery or drug crime, the information goes directly to the APD dispatch center, which then dispatches help.

The app is free and available for download on the Apple iTunes Store and on the Android market “Google Play.”

Being a crimefighter might not be for you, but surely being a hero in an emergency is for anyone who sees an accident and wants to help. Get the app. It might help you save someone’s life.