Supplement schedule OK’d

Published 12:03 am Friday, August 2, 2013

The Andalusia Board of Education approved its supplement schedule for the 2013-2014 school year.

At Andalusia Elementary, the following grade level chairs and appointments were approved.

• Sherry Strickland, kindergarten

• Jenny Rogers and Lynn Starnes, 1st grade

• Beverly Moore, 2nd grade

• Susan Cravey, 3rd grade

• Debbie Grimes, 4th grade

• Anna Johnson, 5th grade

• Angie Bowden, special areas

• Shae Page and Kayla Gorum, yearbook sponsor.

At Andalusia Middle School, the following grade level chairs and appointments were approved:

• Lynn Castleberry, 6th grade

• Joseph Caldwell, 7th grade

• Sandra Dendy, 8th grade

• Tommy Wright, head football coach

• Jeff Walker, Joseph Caldwell and Robert Jackson, assistant football coaches.

• Robert Jackson, head basketball coach, 8th grade boys

• Horace Graham, head basketball coach, 7th grade boys

• Alfagus Smith, head basketball coach, girls

• Kay Harper, assistant basketball coach, girls

• Sarah Kelley, volleyball coach

• Erin Chavers, cheerleader coach

• Lee Stacks, band director

• Clara Mellown, yearbook sponsor.

At Andalusia High School, the following appointments were made.

• Richard Robertson, athletic director and head basketball coach.

• Brian Seymore, assistant athletic director and head football coach

• Marshall Locke and Randy Bryant, assistant football coach, level 1

• Matt Johnson, Tyler Dent, Matt Mellown and Jacob King, assistant football coach, level 2

• Marshall Locke, assistant basketball coach

• Teresa Herring, head basketball coach, girls

• Brad Garner, assistant basketball coach, girls

• Tyler Dent, head baseball coach

• Matt Johnson, assistant baseball coach

• Angie Grimes, head volleyball coach

• Teresa Herring, assistant volleyball coach

• Perry Dillard, boys tennis coach

• Daniel Bulger, girls tennis coach

• Brad Garner, head softball coach

• Jacob King, assistant softball coach

• Teresa Herring, head soccer coach

• Marshall Locke, golf coach

• Cara Mellown, varsity cheerleader coach

• Sandra Dendy, JV cheerleader coach

• Bennie Shellhouse, band director

• Paula Sue Duebelt, choral director

• Dawn Thompson, yearbook sponsor

• Cavelle Jones, SGA sponsor.

They also named the following department chairs at AHS:

• Nichole Jackson, math

• Angie Sasser, science

• Dawn Thompson, English

• Perry Dillard, history

• Joni Brannon, fine arts

• Jane Barr, special education