Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 8, 2013

Noah Davis and his mother, Jessica.

Noah Davis and his mother, Jessica.

7-year-old was baptized 2 weeks before drowning

Those who knew Noah Davis used one word to describe him – sweet.

Davis, 7, was at the Yellow River Tuesday when he was swept under by the current and drowned. He was the son of Jessica and Jesse Davis.

It’s easy to see the sweetness when looking at his photograph. His toothy smile shows a wholesomeness that is seen only in childhood. His eyes sparkle with the excitement of spending time with family and friends at the ballpark.

Mignon Page said she can close her eyes and see the youngster speeding up and down the road on his bicycle in

their Porter Harris Road neighborhood.

“He had a big white bulldog that would follow him everywhere,” she said. “He loved that dog and that dog loved him. He would just wave when he went by. He’d stop sometimes too. He always had a kind word for an old lady. He was a sweet, sweet boy.

“I know that two weekends ago, he walked straight up to the preacher and said that he wanted Jesus to live in him and he wanted to be baptized,” she said. “And him at seven years old. He walked right up there, no hesitation. He was such a good boy.

“My heart just aches because I didn’t take up enough time with him,” she said. “He was always ready to give a hug.”

Nesha Aaron spoke about meeting Davis while at vacation Bible school at Green Tree Christian Fellowship.

“Noah didn’t meet a stranger,” she said. “He was very sweet. He kept asking questions about Jesus in class, and the very first night, he went up and asked Jesus into his heart and met Him at his Savior.

“Noah was very attentive, and when he came back from the altar, he looked very reverent and serious,” she said. “He and another little boy were the very first ones to the altar.”

Aaron said as an illustration she told her students that “when we get saved, we get tickets to heaven, and God gives us extra to pass out to people we meet.

“Noah was very excited about passing out his ticket to his classmates at school. He would remind me every night after that before class started, but Jesus had other plans,” she said. “I’m asking that everyone keep the family in your prayers, that God shows them comfort and peace through this hard time.”

As of press time, funeral arrangements were not available.