If abortion is OK, why not assisted suicide?

Published 12:59 am Saturday, August 10, 2013

I’ve read several recent articles in your paper concerning hospice. Although a college grad, until a month ago, I didn’t know what that word meant.

I want to thank my relatives and the paid personnel who care for people who can’t even walk 10 feet to the bathroom. Their efforts to assist a close relative of mine cannot adequately be described. They are true heroes.

I am not a fan – as are most religions – of suicidal ideations. Nevertheless, if I ever became someone whose life consisted of no life worthwhile, and if I was mentally stable, I would likely ask my brother to bring me my 0.45 ACP.

I’m not advocating the methods of Dr. Kevorkian because I think he killed people that still had a life, and he spent eight years in prison as a result.

Like abortion, this issue will never obtain consensus amongst the American population. But it would seem to me that if somebody can legally kill their unborn child who has no choice in the matter (abortion), then they should have the right to kill themselves.

Walter Boyd, P.E.