Credit card option added for county water customers

Published 11:53 pm Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Covington Water Authority customers will soon be able to pay their monthly water bills using a credit/debit card.

The board made the decision Tuesday to partner with Regions Bank to provide the service.

There will be a $1 convenience fee charged to customers using the service, board members agreed, to help defray some of the cost of the service.

Regions will charge the CWA 2.75 percent of the transaction plus 9-cents to swipe the card, as well as a $5 month fee for the service.

The CWA will also have to pay $150 per month for the credit card machine or “swiper,” which will connect to a computer via a USB cord.

CWA manager Debbie Bennett said the service will be online for customer use by October.

“Watch for a message on your water bill or for a message on our website,” Bennett said. “It will take a little time for us to get everything in place, but I know our customers will love it.”