They’re famous, not infamous

Published 9:02 am Saturday, August 17, 2013

We read with much interest your front page coverage in The Andalusia Star-News Saturday, Aug. 10, of the very festive Opp Mizell Memorial Hospital Foundation gala which took place Thursday evening, Aug. 8. What a joyous celebration! $20,000 raised for the Foundation and a most enjoyable evening for all in attendance.

We are honored that you chose to include the color photo of us. We did find one reference to us most amusing. We are 81 years old and have been professional concert pianists for 52 years. Therefore, we are somewhat “famous” as pianists to some people in the United States (Also, to a certain degree, in Europe). We have been referred to numerous times ad “famous” but yours is a first time for “infamous.” We took your misuse of the word “infamous” in good humor, because we knew what you meant.

We realize that this letter to the editor may not be newsworthy and you may not choose to print it, but, may we say, we’ve “had a ball” putting our thoughts on this piece of paper and having a laugh or two.

If you think, perhaps, that we feel displeased with this reference to us as “infamous” (please see enclosed Webster’s, et al., definitions of “infamous”) and if that be the case, wouldn’t you think that a free subscription to The Andalusia Star-News would make up for it?

Michele and Stephanie, as you know, some of this letter is in jest. We enjoy The Andalusia Star-News and you know we love you both

The Rainer Twins


Editor’s note: Among the definitions of infamous enclosed with the letter was “having an exceedingly bad reputation; notorious.” While we might make a case that The Twins (or “the girls,” as their late sister, Dorothy Rainer Sellars, sometimes called them) enjoy notoriety, their reputation has always been excellent.

They did, however, once admit that they often rose before Dorothy and Doc, took The Star-News from the Sellars’ front yard, read it, copied the puzzles, and returned it to the Sellars’ home as if it had never been disturbed. They are valued readers!

Please accept our apologies, and our appreciation for both your most charming letter and your reading of The Star-News.