Rains didn’t wash us out

Published 11:32 pm Tuesday, August 20, 2013

“Into every life, a little rain must fall.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote it. Ella Fitzgerald sang it. And surely, every visitor to, player in, and volunteer for the 2013 Babe Ruth World Series in Covington County must feel as if he has lived that line completely in the past week.

But people have done what people must do: Make the best of any given situation. Host families have come up with rainy-day entertainment, and a community that never expected to host the World Series, Red Level, has come through for this event.

Many people pulled extra duty to get and keep the that field in shape, as well as the field at Andalusia High School after LBW’s field was deemed to wet for play. Everyone did everything he or she did to make sure the tournament ends on time this Thursday, despite massive weather delays. Many of the young men have to report to college teams as early as Saturday.

We commend all of those who have done their best to make the past few days good ones, despite the rain that’s fallen into our lives. They couldn’t control the weather, but they could react to it. Kudos for the great, can-do attitudes. We hope our visitors return on sunnier days.