Imitation is the best flattery

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I think I saw one of the Duck Dynasty guys in Wal Mart. Wait, I saw another one in the pickup truck sitting beside me at the red light. Oh my, there was yet another one of them picking up a prescription at a local pharmacy.

Now, first let me say I am not a big Duck Dynasty person. I know that makes me maybe one of 10 people in the county who can say those words. However, I do know what the stars of this “show” look like, and I am amazed that people who look just like them seem to be popping up everywhere.

That got me thinking about how much we humans like to imitate each other, especially if the ones we are imitating have “famous” or “celebrity” attached to their names. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pointing fingers here because I’ve had my own moments of imitation.

A couple I shutter to admit – so of course, I’m going to write about them for the entire world, (or at least the world that sees The Star News) to read. They both happened when I was much younger so I blame them on the sweet ignorance of youth. Yes, that sounds good.

Who out there remembers Charlie’s Angels – the original one not the copy? Well, I loved, loved, loved Farrah Fawcett. Well, not exactly Farrah herself. I loved her hair, as did most women around my age.

I so wanted my hair to have that blown-back, causal curl look. I wanted to swing my head and have every strand shimmer in the light and then fall perfectly back into place.

That is what I told my hairdresser I wanted. Actually, I just said I wanted a haircut like Farrah’s, something she probably heard a lot in those days.

There was one little problem with getting that cut and style. My hair is fine, straight and mostly flat. Oh, but my hairdresser tried. She cut and rolled, brushed and sprayed. When she turned me around to look at myself in the mirror, I did not see Farrah hair.

So, I went home, rewashed and tried on my own to get those bangs to fly back. I have a picture somewhere of me sitting on the edge of the couch in my parents’ house. In my mind, I was styling it like one of Charlie’s Angels.

When I see the picture now – well let’s just say the sprayed-stiff fly backs kind of flew out in crazy directions making it look like I had wings sprouting from the side of my head. The Farrah look passed, and I went back to being myself with my own long straight hair.

Then came the days of the movie Flashdance. Remember the big hanging-off-one-shoulder sweatshirt, band around the hair look? Yep, I went there. And that’s all I’m going to say about that experiment. Thankfully, there are no pictures of that particular look.

As I’ve gotten older, hopefully I got wiser and let go of a need to chase every trend. Good thing because hatching myself out of an egg like Lady Gaga or going to the grocery store in a red bustier like Taylor Swift wore recently would probably raise some questions about my sanity.

So, that brings me back to all the Duck Dynasty look-alikes out there (and you know who you are). Go ahead and enjoy your moment of sweet imitation, and please, please make sure someone takes your picture.