Report: Crime rates mostly low

Published 1:42 am Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Andalusia Police Department answered 18,015 calls – an average of almost 50 per day – in 2012, and posted clearance rates for crimes that were higher than the state average.

APD Chief Wilbur Williams shared information from the 2012 Summary of 2012 Crime in Alabama with city council members this week. The information is compiled by the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center based on reports from 404 law enforcement agencies in the state.

Two rapes were reported in Andalusia in 2012, and both cases were cleared, for a 100 percent rate. By comparison, the state clearance rate is 40 percent.

There were five robberies in the city in the same time period, and 80 percent of them were cleared. In a comparison with similarly sized cities, Andalusia was on the low side of average for robberies – most mid-sized cities had six.

Andalusia investigated 25 assaults, also slightly less than average for a same-sized city. Of those, 48 percent were cleared.

Andalusia did, however, a higher number of burglaries and larcenies than average, reporting 101 in 2012. By comparison, the average number of burglaries of same-sized cities was 80. The APD cleared 30 percent of those burglaries, compared to a state clearance average of 14 percent.

There were 347 larcenies – or theft of property from a vehicle – in Andalusia in 2012. In similar-sized cities, the average was 236. The APD cleared 39 percent of those cases.

But Andalusia had fewer than average vehicle thefts, reporting 11 in 2012. Of those, 45 percent of the cases were cleared. Similar-sized cities averaged 15 thefts, and the state clearance rate for motor vehicle thefts is 22 percent.

There were no homicides in the city in 2012, and only one in the county.

There were eight rapes reported in the county jurisdiction, one robbery, 30 assaults, 134 burglaries, 171 cases of larceny and 21 motor vehicle thefts.

Opp reported one rape, two assaults, 16 burglaries, 81 cases of larceny and one motor vehicle theft.

In Florala there was one rape, three assaults, 11 burglaries, 21 cases of larceny and one motor vehicle theft.

In Gantt, which has a jurisdictional population of 225 – the smallest of any of the county’s departments, there were five assaults, more than in Opp, Florala, Red Level, Lockhart or River Falls.