Kudos to volunteers, employees

Published 12:05 am Saturday, August 24, 2013


Sometimes my schedule and commitments distract me from saying “thank you” to people who have made a positive difference in our city. However, the events of this past week have focused my attention on how special Andalusia is and how we owe a huge debt of gratitude to some very dedicated men and women of our community; some of whom may live outside our city limits but who are nevertheless responsible for making Andalusia the great city that we “all” call home. There are three such groups that I want to give a “shout out” for their contributions during the last week.

First, to all the city and utility board employees who answered the call to deal with the landslide event at the Westgate Plaza this past Saturday; I say job well done. Many of these employees, as well as some consultants and contractors, worked 12 – 14 hours on Saturday and Sunday to stop the landslide and restore utility services to the businesses located at Westgate. This work was dirty, dangerous and exhausting.

Again, thank you for your skills, dedication and professionalism. Also, thanks to the affected businesses, who were supportive and understanding about a situation beyond anyone’s control.

Second, thank you to the law enforcement professionals, both city and county, who dealt with the trustee walk-off from the Andalusia Police Department. Cool headed professionals brought the matter to a conclusion without anyone getting hurt.

Finally, to all the organizers, volunteers, participants and businesses that helped with the Babe Ruth World Series, I say congratulations for an outstanding job, accomplished under some of the worst weather conditions in recent history. It seemed like the weather gods were determined to destroy the tournament, but you refused to throw in the towel. This tournament is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when a community works as a team. It did not matter what part of the community was called upon, you all stood shoulder to shoulder to get the job done. Again, congratulations.

While this week was full of challenges, the people of Covington County saved the day each time they were presented with a problem. Makes me proud to call you my neighbors, friends and fellow citizens.