Writer shares views of ‘BamaCarry’

Published 12:18 am Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I am writing concerning the new gun law in Alabama, or more to the point, what I and a number of friends around the state believe to be an over reaction to the new law. Thus far I have only seen 1one business in our area (in Opp) that has placed a sign and it is a homemade one which is actually of no good, as the sign must come from a law enforcement agency, usually the sheriff’s office, but there have been a few gone up around different areas. I decided to incorporate the following from the Org BamaCarry into my letter because they have stated very concisely what I had intended to say, it reads as follows:

“Please, allow me to introduce myself. I am a law abiding citizen, and member of BamaCarry, who exercises their right to keep and bear arms. You are reading this because of your sign on the entrance prohibiting me the right to protect myself, my family, my friends, your workers, or any patrons in your establishment.

“I see that you have elected to place your protection in the hands of the police, which will probably not get here before a robber or murderer has committed their crime and is long gone. Statistics show that the police usually do not prevent crime, only investigate it.

“Do you really think criminals will pay any attention to your “NO Weapons” sign? Criminals will see your sign and know that you have disarmed law abiding citizens and your business as an easy TARGET! (Verifiable fact!)

I, and thousands of others around the State of Alabama , am sorry that you have made this decision. We will, however, respect your wishes. We will do this by not entering your establishment with either our defensive weapon or our wallets. We will work diligently to educate others in our community that law abiding citizens are not welcome here, if they wish to exercise their Constitutional rights. We will also educate them that you have taken it upon yourself to assure everyone’s safety while in your business. If they can put their full trust in you, for their protection, then maybe, they’ll spend money here.

“We will not be disarmed simply because you think bad guys obey rules. We will not put our lives, and the lives of our family and friends, in potential danger because of your ill-informed rules, or sign.

“In closing, let me advise you to learn the law as I have. Simply putting up a sign does not prevent me from entering your place of business. A sign only conveys your wishes that I do not do so. You must still personally convey to an unwanted person, they must leave your business. Most law abiding citizens will comply. However, you cannot threaten us with trespass, as we have broken no law, as long as we leave.

“I, and thousands of other law abiding gun owners of this state, wish you the best and hope that nothing ever happens here. But if it does, there will be no armed law abiding citizens offering you any help because we are not allowed here. MAYBE the police will be close by. But until you change your policy, we and our dollars shall be someplace else.”

LaVaughn Hudson



P.S. Lawfully armed citizens (permit holders), as a group, are the LEAST likely to commit a crime of any group in this state. You are banning the most law abiding citizens you’ll ever meet and losing their business! Have you ever wondered why the larger chains/stores allow weapons carry according to state law? The answer is liability issues.