Don’t forget – no guns at ball games

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 30, 2013

At the beginning of August, it became easier for Alabama residents to carry a gun.

Residents are allowed to openly carry a firearm on their person, and it’s not considered a crime.

But, residents who want to take advantage of the open-carry law will have to leave their guns elsewhere if they plan on attending tonight’s area football games.

Andalusia City School Superintendent Ted Watson said “the long and short of it” is that there should be no weapons on any school-owned property.

“And while I’m not sure I understand everything about the new gun law, I do understand that the state law says schools have to develop a policy prohibiting guns on the campus,” Watson said. “That policy is the result of a law that precludes the new law, so we’re operating under the pretense that the school is a drug-free, gun-free and tobacco-free environment.

“And that means on any school property, which also includes the parking lot,” he said.

In the county school system, there are four high schools – Straughn, Red Level, Pleasant Home and Florala.

Superintendent Shannon Driver said fans will notice new signs “No Weapons Allowed” signs at each of the system’s stadiums.

“That came at the recommendation of the state superintendent,” Drive said of the signs. “Some stadiums may have had them, but generally speaking, those are all new. We’ve also instructed our schools to post signs at all points of entrance, stating that no guns are allowed on the school campus.”

And as for football time, Driver said, “We want all of our games to be safe places. That’s why we posted the signs. We’d appreciate everyone’s cooperation in that matter. We want the games to be about the spirit of good sportsmanship in an environment where people can enjoy themselves.”