County BOE to spend $28.7M in FYE 2014

Published 12:07 am Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The budget for the Covington County School System shows that while the system expects a slight gain in revenue, there also will be an increase in expenditures.

“In regards to the anticipated revenues of $29.4 million, this is approximately $1.4 million more than fiscal year 2013,” said CCS Chief Financial Officer Ressie Gray. “In relation to the anticipated expenditures of $28.7 million this is approximately $1.1 million more than FY2013.”

Gray said of the $29.4 million in anticipated revenues, 62 percent is from state funding; 27 percent from local tax revenue and other sources; and the remaining 11 percent is from local funds.

As for expenditures, Gray said it is anticipated that the system will spend $18.8 million; $2.2 million for operation and maintenance; $4.1 million for auxiliary services; $1.1 million for general administrative services; $567,000 for debt service and $1.3 million for other expenditures.

“At the end, we anticipate a general fund balance on Sept. 30, 2014, to be approximately $18.4 million,” she said.