He’s smitten!

Published 12:11 am Thursday, September 12, 2013


Baldwin loves what love bugs do for business

If there is one person in Covington County who is lovin’ love bug season, it’s Jimmy Baldwin at After -Effects Car Wash and Auto Detailing.

To him, those pesky things are like floating dollar signs.

This is the worst season for the black-winged mating pairs that many can remember. One can’t walk outside without being assaulted, and Baldwin said it’s the worst he’s seen the insects in three years. As he talked, the swarm under the shop’s awning grew thicker and thicker before being shooed away with a rag.

Baldwin said business at his Andalusia shop is booming.

“The thing about love bugs is that you’ve got to get them off your car,” he said. “The worse thing about love bugs is that they have that acid in their system and you’ve got to get them off of your car within 48 hours or it starts eating at your car.”

Baldwin said the best defense against the pests is a good offense.

“You got to protect your car with a good wax job,” he said. “That’s what’s going to save your paint job. If you don’t get them off your car, that goo will start eating through, like I said. If you don’t have a wax job protecting your clear coat, you’ll have problems.”

Baldwin said he’s heard all sorts of solutions to getting those pests off the front grill of one’s car.

“I’ve heard if you use Pam or baby oil, that works, but I don’t believe it,” he said. “To me, you’d be making more of mess to clean up. And as for dryer sheets, if you use those, remember it’s going to leave a film you’re just going to have to wash up.”

When asked what he had in the green and pink bottles in his shop that worked so well, Baldwin had a quick answer.