Man identifed in burglaries faces 27 charges

Published 10:47 am Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bond for an Andalusia man facing 27 burglary and theft charges has been set at $342,000.

Terry Lee German, 40, has been charged with 11 counts of 3rd degree burglary; one count of breaking and entering a motor vehicle; six counts of first degree theft of property; five counts of second degree theft of property; and four counts of third degree theft of property.


Lt. Paul Dean of the APD announced the charges in a press conference Thursday morning.

Property recovered at German’s home has helped the APD solve at least 16 burglaries, Dean said.

Dean said the investigation began Monday when Greg Palmer was driving down Camelia Ave. and recognized his kids’ ATV that was stolen in August of 2012. Palmer called police who went to the home. Dean said he and other investigators confirmed that the ATV was Palmer’s, and asked German to come in for questioning.

German wanted to change clothes first, Dean said. As he was waiting for him, he noticed several unusual things.

“Most people don’t have multiple lawn mowers and more than one weed eater,” he said.

Meanwhile, Palmer talked to a friend, who also had had some things taken from his home. Those items were later located at German’s home.

The stolen items ranged from flooring to a kitchen island to televisions and even a sectional sofa. Also found were a batting cage and a boat.

“Basically, he was outfitting his house,” Dean said.

Palmer, who participated in the press conference, said he had had several burglaries over the past few years. When he found the items, he said, he was irate.

“I was irate with the guy because I knew him,” Palmer said. “He had been to my house before. He would knock on the door and say, ‘Hey man, can I cut your grass.’ ”

Dean confirmed that that’s how German worked. If he knocked on a door and found someone at home, he would inquire about yard work. If no one answered, he would either steal something from the yard or break into the house.

Officers have been able to identify 90 percent of the property they’ve found, Dean said. They are still referencing theft reports to complete the task.

Dean said the cases solved happened between July of 2011 and June of this year.

Most of the crimes occurred on Camellia, Lakeview, Sanford Road, Thames Street, Adams Avenue, Lakeland Drive, First Avenue, Second Avenue, South Cotton, and Easley Drive.

Dean said officers also have determined that German did not act alone, but declined to identify the accomplice, who has not yet been charged.

“We expect more arrests to come in the very near future,” he said.