Opp business adds 60 to payroll

Published 12:16 am Friday, September 13, 2013

There could be a future expansion for an Opp manufacturing company that added 60 people to its payroll in July.

Mike Leonard with MFG Manufacturing, the company that produces nacelles, or wind turbine enclosures as described by most, said Thursday that payroll numbers sit at 130 teammates.

“We started a process improvement plan in December, which was when we had a slow time,” Leonard said of the plan that added as second shift of employees to the floor. “Projections from our customers said that things would be on the uptick through the summer and through the rest of the year – which is what we’re expecting,” he said. “So, we started our second shift in mid-May, when we went from producing two units a day to four units per day. Then, we saw a need in July, and that put us at five units per day.

“Business has been good,” he said.

Leonard said it’s a trend he hopes continues on two fronts – first with the company’s current production line, and secondly, with the added production of storm shelters.

Currently, the project is in the development phase, but Leonard said company officials look to begin production in 2014.

“We’re developing a fiberglass underground storm shelter, the larger variety that are considered community-type shelter, which would hold 40 people or more,” he said. “Something that could take place in 2014, and if that happens, we’ll need another additional 15 or so to start with – depending on what the demand is.”