Proposed Opp budget projects surplus

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 19, 2013

Opp council members were introduced Monday to the 2013-2014 fiscal year budget, that if numbers hold true, projects a surplus of $769,548 for the city.

Mayor John Bartholomew asked council members to look over the numbers and be ready to discuss – if not adopt – the budget its October meeting. The fiscal year begins Oct. 1.

The handout distributed to council members showed the city is set to collect $8.46 million in revenue while documenting an estimated $7.69 million in expenses. Included in the revenues is $785,000 in ATRIP money, $400,000 in grant funds to renovate the city’s depot and a $500,000 industrial service road grant.

Salaries appear to be level for the upcoming year, with the exception of in the police department, where city officials have budgeted a $31,000 increase over last year’s figure of $922,000, and in the parks and rec division, where a $40,000 increase is budgeted over last year’s $160,000.

This budget projections include figures projecting that the city will stay in the garbage collection business – a topic highly-debated by the city council, and one Bartholomew has said will cost the city money.

Figures show $400,000 in revenue is budgeted for the service, while $265,500 is budgeted for sanitation department expenses. Included in those is a more than $44,000 increase in salaries and payroll taxes and a $15,000 increase in truck maintenance. Department reductions include a $6,600 decrease in vehicle operations cost and $17,000 in capital outlay and professional services cost.

An interesting note in the proposed budget is a nearly $22,000 reduction in the cost to put on the city’s annual Rattlesnake Rodeo. This year’s proposed budget is set at $142,500, which includes a cut to labor and advertising costs, as well as eliminating the cost of the Rodeo 5K run.

Capital outlay items the city plans to purchase are:

• $80,000 for two new patrol vehicles.

• 10 sets of firefighters’ gear for $20,500;

• $15,000 of garbage cans;

• $6,500 in equipment for the shop department; and,

• $40,000 for a mower, two computers, a truck, software and a new trailer for the rec department.