Storm brewing, heading our way

Published 10:34 pm Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Predictions have the tropical system brewing in the Caribbean coming straight over Covington County, but it’s too soon to tell if the course will hold true, said Covington County Emergency Management Director Susan Harris on Wednesday.

As of now, officials are keeping a cautious eye on the disturbance that forecasters say has a good chance of turning into a tropical storm..

“This low is moving slowly to the northwest and should enter the Gulf of Mexico tonight or Thursday morning,” Harris said. “Early models have a very wide variation on paths in northern Gulf, from central Louisiana to central Florida. But if you look, you will see that the track is lined up with us, but it’s still too early to predict on this event.”

When and wherever it does it, Harris said will be described as a “rain event.”


The National Hurricane Center currently gives the storm a 70 percent chance to develop into a tropical storm. Once the center of the system is be located, a better forecast model can be developed, Harris said.

If the storm tracks toward south Alabama, the area could see heavy rainfall, high winds, coastal flooding, flash flooding and dangerous rip currents along the coast.

“We’re looking at a moderate chance of flash flooding with rain chances likely to increase, but at this point, predictions are for 3 to 5 inches with localized 6 to 8 inches,” Harris said before urging residents to have plans in case the storm heads this way.

“Take a few minutes to review your emergency plans and your emergency supplies, just in case,” she said. “Please stay tuned to your local radio and TV stations and your weather radio for changes and forecast updates.”