Please, don’t do this

Published 1:49 am Saturday, October 5, 2013

First, Sorry this is so graphic, but I need it to state my point!!


First, I have nothing against people who hunt, as long as they are respectful of property lines, and don’t do this! This is when I don’t like them! Sad to say a majority of the ones that hunt now are just after a set of antlers, and just certain parts of the deer ( back strap) and then they just go and dump stuff like this off on some dirt road ( which, yes, on ours) when they could take what they wanted, then give what was left to someone. I know that there is a place in Brantley ( on 331 at the Armory ) that will take what is left over, and he cleans what meat he could use, and he donates it to several places that help feed the needy.

So don’t leave your mess behind. Do the right thing, and plus don’t be parking in the middle of our dirt road, and leaving your vehicle there. Because I will stop there and sit down on my horn ‘till you come out of the woods and move your truck so we can get and out of our dirt road.

Susan Byrd