Opp staying in garbage biz

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Opp will remain in the garbage business, the city council agreed Tuesday.

The council also heard from one Opp man who complained that “young police officers” are harassing people at night.

For months, the council has debated Mayor John Bartholomew’s recommendation that the city contract its garbage pickup services for city residents. When asked about the service’s future, Bartholomew said the council has made its opinions known.

“I think you’ve made up your mind,” Bartholomew said in response to Councilwoman Mary Brundidge’s question. “We’re going to keep it. We’ll have to work out the details on how to keep it, and we’ll discuss it more at the next meeting.”

Previously, the mayor has said the city loses money providing the service and needs to either raise its rates or contract the service out.

Earlier in the meeting, the council approved its fiscal year 2014 budget, which includes revenue and expenses for the service.

Aaron Bogan, the local NAACP president, was the only person who addressed the council. Bogan said there are four young police officers on the night shift who are “disrespectful, abusing authority and walking through yards at night.”

“You can’t even yell at a football game without one saying you’re yelling too loud,” Bogan said. “Things are getting out of hand. It’s not only in District 4. I’m not blaming the city or the council for this, but we know something can be done. There’s no supervisor over them at night, and they’re running wild, harassing people. That’s why people don’t ride the streets at night because of what the police are doing.”

Bogan said he’d seek outside legal assistance from the state NAACP.