Fall baseball, softball… why not?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tuesday night was a first for me.

I went and took pictures at a baseball and softball game at Johnson Park.

Fall ball, in my opinion can only be limited to football, volleyball, soccer and yes basketball.

When the City of Andalusia decided to have a fall baseball/softball league, I thought they weren’t going to receive much interest at all.

After a little time, I was wrong and now we have three teams each in the 10U girls and 8U boys league; and two teams each in the 10U and 12U boys leagues.

That’s a start and I can only imagine it would’ve been bigger if it weren’t for soccer or other activities kids get into these days during the colder months.

Yeah, it felt a little different when I was taking pictures in October of kids playing on a diamond.

Throughout the night, I kept thinking to myself, why is there a fall baseball/softball league?

Is it to build skills for the future spring season, which will be here before anyone knows it?

Or, is it to create more interest in fall sports, other than football, volleyball or soccer?

The answer is anyone’s guess and I’ll let others decide what it may be.

Other than getting the chance to watch some baseball and softball, the Covington County Miracle League opened its fall season the same night.

The Braves and Angels were hard at it on the field for the game, which ended in a 16-16 tie.

There really aren’t any losers in the league, where it caters to those who have special needs who want to play baseball.

As I’ve probably said in the past, it was good to see those athletes and their parents enjoy the cool-weathered night.

You could say that it was a perfect night for baseball and softball.