5K-plus raises $5K-plus

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pleasant Home coach Kelly Garner tells to kids where to go for their run Saturday morning. | Michele Gerlach/Star-News

Pleasant Home coach Kelly Garner tells to kids where to go for their run Saturday morning. | Michele Gerlach/Star-News

Garrett Barton and Angie Garner were the fastest male and female runners among the more than 150 participants in Pleasant Home School’s Wingin’ It Through the Woods Saturday morning.

The event, which also featured a silent auction and boxed lunches, raised more than $5,000 for Kennedy Cleghorn, a sophomore at the school who is battling ovarian and thyroid cancer.

The run/walk began at PHS and took participants on a trail through the Conecuh National Forest.

Division winners are listed below.

Trail run

• Ages 6-12, girls: Maggie Wiggins, first; Hope Gunter, second;

• Ages 13-19, women: Shelby Nixon, first; Morgan Odom, second; Abby Walker, third;

• Ages 20-29, women: Jen Stewart, first; Melony Hoyt, second.

• Ages 30-39, women: Melissa Moye, first; Kristin Wiggins, second; Shannon Lee, third.

• Ages 40-49, women: Angie Garner, first; Michele Gerlach, second; Leigh Newby, third.

• Ages 50-59, women: Glynnis Baxter, first.

• Ages 6-12, boys: Ross Wilson, first; Trevin Garner, second; Ty Clark, third.

• Ages 13-19, men: Garrett Barton, first; Blaine Short, second; Troy Fantroy, third.

• Ages 30-39, men: Troy Stewart, first; Ben Clark, second; David James, third.

• Ages 40-49, men: Mark Garner, first; Keith Tankersly, second; Shawn Palmer, third.

• Ages 50-59, men: Joey Palmer, first; Tim Mersmann, second; Jimmy Cox, third.

Trail walk

• Ages 6-12, girls: Bella Worley, first; Bailey Spivey, second; River Baldwin, third.

• Ages 13-19, women: Helena Weaver, first; Taylor Catoe, second; Anna Palmer, third.

• Ages 30-39, women: Heather Foley, first; Gabrielle Baldwin, second; Tara McClung, third.

• Ages 40-49, women: Shelia Palmer, first; Stephanie Helms, second; Kim Holmes, third.

• Ages 50-9, women: Shelia Youngblood, first; Linda Patton, second; Susan Musgrove, third.

• Ages 60-69, women: Lynn Fuqua, first.

• Ages 6-12, boys: Grant Lloyd, first; Jake Cox, second.

• Ages 13-19, men: Cameron Tankersly, first; Mitchell Alexander, second.

• Ages 20-29, men: Luke Martin, first.

• Ages 30-39, men: Jared Knowles, first.

• Ages 40-49, men: James Scruggs, first; Ron Yates, second.

• Ages 50-59, men: Gary Alexander, first.

• Ages 60-69, men: Johnny Fuqua, first.


• First place: Corey Self’s team.

• Second place: Shawn Mitchell, Matthew Barnes and Ryne Clark.

Kids Fun Run

• Under age 6 – Ali Blaine and Andrew Clark

• Ages 7-9, girls: Elena Stewart, first place; Hope Warthen, second place; Amy Garner, third place;

• Ages 10-12, girls: Callie Grace T., first.

• Ages 7-9, boys: Nicholas Holley, first; Mason Anderson, second; Greg Warthen, third.

-Michele Gerlach