‘Dream school’ would have pool, theater

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dr. Marcia Burke asked approximately 40 people to dream big for Andalusia City Schools, and they answered her as if on cue.

Burke, a retired Tuscaloosa educator who is facilitating the city school system’s development of a five-year strategic plan, asked the forty-something stakeholders who attended the meeting to describe their dream school system for Andalusia.

The answers came quickly and ranged from unlimited technology to a theater and a pool.

Among the other ideas were:

• Smaller class sizes, like 15 student to one teacher.

• More opportunities for the arts

• A ROTC program.

• Continuing education for staff and faculty

• A trained pool of substitutes and volunteers.

• A “baby school” that includes a Pre-K program.

• More career/tech opportunities.

• AP classes at AHS and pre-AP classes at AMS.

• Foreign languages for elementary students.

• Supportive, organized alumni groups

• High levels of parent and community involvement.

• Good lunches

• Great field trips/ learning opportunities.

• A new stadium and updated athletic facililities

• An updated and expanded library

Burke explained that the best strategic plans are a collaborative effort. Facilitators also will gather information from online surveys available beginning today at www.andalusiacityschools.net.

Burke said the level of participation in Monday night’s meeting was typical. “Some school systems have had more, and some have had less,” she said.