East Three Notch zoning change approved

Published 12:39 am Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Andalusia City Council unanimously approved a zoning ordinance amendment that will allow a business to locate in what is now a residential section of East Three Notch Street.

A rendering of the office building proposed for 1500 E. Three Notch St. if a zoning change is approved.

A rendering of the office building proposed for 1500 E. Three Notch St. if a zoning change is approved.

Sharyn and Cam Smith petitioned the city to change property at the corner of East Three Notch and Roselane Drive from R-1 to B-1. Mrs. Smith plans to build and operate a State Farm business there.

Cam Smith said that since the council’s last hearing on the proposed change, he has spoken to residents of the neighborhood and received positive input from them. Additionally, he said, he has spoken with a property appraiser who said the Smith’s plans could be considered an enhancement for area property values.

Darwin Pippin, whose family has owned the property in question for about 70 years, said his family had had “no less than a dozen options” to sell it, but had always passed them up.

“We didn’t want to participate if it wouldn’t add anything to the community,” he said. “We feel this will be a very attractive business, and we hope it will provoke other businesses in the neighborhood to upgrade.”

Herb Riedel objected, and said he has several neighbors who join him in opposing the change.

“I am convinced Mr. and Mrs. Smith will have a first rate business that will be attractive and well kept.” he said. “However, I wish they had picked a location already zoned commercial for that type of business.”

Riedel said the change will alter the characteristics of the community.

The corridor zoning approved by the city several years ago that allows the approved zoning change sets higher standards for businesses.


The owners have to submit building plans and a site development plan to be approved by the Planning Commission before the construction can begin. Also, they will be required to erect buffers from residential neighbors, and to landscape the property.