When the brook dries up, God will take care of things

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 9, 2013

And it came to pass after a while, that the brook dried up, because there had been no rain in the land. (1 Kings 17:7)

Many times in our lives we experience God’s blessings. We enjoy the abundance of God’s gifts, and the sustenance of his provisions. We are being promoted on our jobs, savings accounts are growing, homes and new cars are purchased. It is at times like these that we experience the most joy and happiness in our lives. We settle into a period of comfort and satisfaction. These can also be very dangerous times spiritually for us. It is at times like these that we tend to enjoy the blessings but forget about the blessor, enjoy the gifts and forget about the giver, and enjoy the provision and forget about the provider. To combat these tendencies God sometime shocks us out of our comfort zones so that we will learn to be more dependent on him.

That’s why the brook dries up and we lose our jobs, savings dwindle, homes are foreclosed on, and cars repossessed. We go through a period of depression and sadness.

I realize that the majority of us don’t experience the extreme highs and lows that I have represented above, but sometimes in our lives we will experience periods of droughts. Our brooks will dry up. And when it do what should be our response.

Here in our lesson we find Elijah who has been obedient to God and delivered a message to evil and idolatrous King Ahab that “dew nor rain will fall on the land but by his word.” Then God tells him to go to the Brook Cherith Where he has commanded the ravens to feed him, and he can drink from the brook. Let us take the example of Elijah who was obedient to God, and who knew that no matter who delivered his blessings, his source was God. Therefore he was able to move when God said so and didn’t have to worry about the brook drying up because he knew God would take care of him.