Co-Op saved Andy Bucks tickets for wives

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mayor Earl Johnson, Andy Bucks winner Kim Roland and Andalusia Co-Op manager Russell Lassiter.

Mayor Earl Johnson, Andy Bucks winner Kim Roland and Andalusia Co-Op manager Russell Lassiter.

Kim Roland was among the many wives who called Andalusia Farmer’s Co-op and asked Russell Lassiter to save the Andy Bucks tickets due their husbands.

Mrs. Roland’s phone call paid off when she held the first winning Andy Bucks number drawn last week in a shop at home promotion sponsored by the City of Andalusia and 20 participating merchants. Yesterday, she claimed the prize at city hall.

Her husband, Charles, was among, the men buying supplies for feed plots last month. Mrs. Roland said she was initially headed back to the Co-op, to eat at David’s and to Singer’s to spend her 20 $50 Andy Bucks certificates.

Lassiter said Mrs. Roland wasn’t the only wife who called him.

“We kept them in a file of tickets in the back,” he said. “They came by and picked them up.”

It was a great time of year for wives to be tuned in to Andy Bucks tickets. Lassiter said the Co-Op went through 19 rolls of 1,999 tickets during the October promotion. That’s a total of 37,981 tickets.

“We had a five-gallon bucket we kept the tickets in for the drawing,” Lassiter said. “We filled it up two and a half times. I’ve already brought the bucket up here and turned the tickets in once this month.”

Area shoppers receive a chance in the monthly drawing for each $10 spent with participating merchants. The winner receives gift certificates in increments for $50 totaling $1,000 to be spent with any participating merchant.

Those include Ansley Place, Barrow’s Furniture, Beef O’Brady’s, Brooks Hardware, Christopher’s, Darby’s, David’s Catfish, Delta Lighting, Andalusia Farmer’s Co-Op, Harold’s Furniture, Ireland Trailer, Lee’s Samauri, Mary Kay Consultants, Pale Moon Yarns, Singer’s, Sporting Lifestyles, Two Guys Pies, Walker Business, Ward & Co., and Yo’ Cravin.

The next drawing will Be Dec. 3.